052203 Principle of Digital Communication


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Course Name: Principle of Digital Communication
Credit:    2
Prerequisites: Principle of Communication
 The fieldof digital communication has evolved rapidly in the past few decades, with commercial applications proliferating in wireline communication networks, wireless communication and storage media. This Course concentrates on introducing the basic components of a digital communication system, where the baseband and passband signals are analyzed, the channel equalization methods are introduced. For wireless communications, wireless channel model is considered, the idea of channel coherence time and channel coherence bandwidth are introduced. To combat channel fadings, diversity techniques are introduced. It should be helpful for the students who are interested in wireless communications.
The course covers the following contents:
Ø Components of a digital communication system.
Ø Baseband and bandpass signals
Ø Channel equalization, including maximum likelihood sequence estimation, linear equalization and decision feedback equalization.
Ø Wireless channel modeling.
Ø Diversity for fading channels, including time diversity, antenna diversity and frequency diversity.
Ø Hot research topics in wireless communications.

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